What Makes Us UNIQUE?

Located in Gainesville, Florida, Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine provides the ideal environment and resources for acupuncture students. Co-founded in 2001 by Dr Leon Hammer, DRCOM aims to disseminate and propagate his extensive clinical experience and decades of study.

Unique among acupuncture schools, Dragon Rises College offers its students a complete and far-reaching education, enabling them to become competent, confident and successful acupuncturists.

The curriculum is demanding and comprehensive, crafted from the knowledge and wisdom of some of Oriental Medicine’s most eminent scholars. For students wishing to learn acupuncture in a dynamic and inspirational way, DRCOM is an excellent choice

Experienced practitioners from around the World regularly travel to study at Dragon Rises College, as some of the skills taught at the school are offered nowhere else.

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Curriculum focused on DIAGNOSIS

Dragon Rises College provides exceptional training in all aspects of Oriental medicine, from the most classical to the most modern. Special emphasis is placed on the science and art of pulse diagnosis. Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis® and Contemporary Oriental Medicine® form the basis of our curriculum, and provide students with an outstanding education.

The pulse system we teach has been passed through the oral traditions of Chinese medicine, from master to student, for hundreds of years. The pulse provides the foundation for an in-depth diagnosis, and for preventive medicine.

Pulse diagnosis is an exquisite and sophisticated means of understanding the whole person, as the pulse reveals the patient’s constitution, previous illnesses, early insults to normal physiology, environmental stressors, trauma, lifestyle, emotions, and behavior.

The diagnostic skills taught at Dragon Rises College are renowned throughout the profession.

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Culture focused on NURTURING

Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine aims to create successful, caring and competent practitioners, able to help people achieve both genuine healing and their highest sustainable level of long-term health and wellness.

During their time at DRCOM, students learn the importance of communication, understanding and respect, and go on to be practitioners who make a real difference to patients' lives.

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